Trumped on Day Five


Oscar and I are walking back from 44 North with half cups of coffee on Day Five of our DIAA residency. As we pass Outcast Studio’s collection of odd cars, Oscar says Trump just wants money. When Oscar was an architect in New York he knew people who worked for Trump. They apparently did not speak highly of him. Oscar hates Trump.

Outside the Outcast studio

“How many wars will there be?” says Oscar, who served in Vietnam. “Everybody always wants war.”

Annie Taylor Gray is the new executive director for the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce. She wants me to design a poster for the Deer Isle Lupinefest in June. I send a message to my friend Paul Dolan in Chicago. “Help,” I write. “What’s a cool typeface these days? I haven’t designed a poster since I ran for student council president in sixth grade.”

“Maybe Interstate Cond for a San Serif or Avenir Next,” he replies. “Garamond is a classic serif. I love the Garamond script. And Baskerville.”

Then he asks if I won the presidency.

No, I reply. I lost to another girl.

“Don’t blame the art,” replies Paul. “Your oppo research was unverified on that whore.”

Judith Felch, another DIAA board member, comes in for a visit. She does wonderful nature drawings. I had just been thinking about the day I walked into the DIAA gallery in the fall of 2015. Judith was minding the store. I asked about joining. She said the great thing about DIAA is that members have six chances to exhibit from spring through fall. “And now I’m here, messing up the gallery,” I say.

“It’s a lovely group of people,” she says.

Judith is disturbed by Donald Trump. We talk politics and journalism.

After Judith leaves, Oscar asks me if I’m still doing journalism. No, I say. (I’m not counting the New England Historical Society.) I don’t have the stomach for it.

Oscar and I are both spent by 4:00 on Day Five. We decide to leave a little early. There’s actually still light in the sky.

Sunset outside the DIAA gallery



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